Still can’t find the day……

So this was supposed to be my long night’s journey into day, the summer of my content, but looks like I’m a little lost… I’ve only now gotten a couple of bars worth of signal in the wilderness, so I thought I’d send up a post.

I came roaring out of spring, with a lot of vim and vigor (and anxiousness to be outside) after a long winter on the trainer.  I managed I nice first brevet, and then… then………

I managed to come down with a curious and fun assortment of ailments, starting with two different and consecutive pulled back muscles that put a bit of a crimp on my Dam to Dam-age.  It was fun to do, and although I raced well with respect to my training, I was frustrated that I couldn’t clock a 12.4-mile run under my 13.1 PR time.  I thought that was bad enough.

Then, I came down with a pretty harsh case of “oh wow…. the room is spinning so hard and I haven’t even touched a drop.” It’s a recurrent thing, I’ve experienced it before, and I kind of know what to do for it, but it’s pretty disheartening when you’re closing in on a big goal (qualifying for Nationals in the Olympic-distance triathlon at Omaha July 21st) and you can’t swim at all, you can hardly run, and even cycling is a scary proposition.

I was entering the long, dark tea-time of the soul when a wise friend ( told me that I should “control what I can control” and accept the rest. Nationals may not happen this year. It’s okay. I may have to adjust my calendar, pushing my “A” race to a little later this year. It’s okay. I may have to focus on perhaps using this as more of a build year and let the big goals I have wait until next year.  It’s okay.

Instead of worrying, I have decided to embrace the suck. I went on a really fun ride with aforementioned wise friend and some others and got in a bit of relaxation time:


Then I took the kids to the pool and got in a pretty good swim work that was only minimally spin-inducing (the good stuff seems to be working… thanks MacFarland ENT clinic!). As an added bonus, I got a new pair of tri shoes in today, so while I may not qualify this year for nationals, I’ll at least look fabulous not doing it!


I’m also having lots of fun getting the kids ready for their second triathlon, Evan’s first without training wheels. I also need to remember that while I haven’t prepped myself as much as I would like, working at the bike shop has given me the privilege of helping a lot of up-and-coming athletes (some who don’t even realize yet that they ARE athletes) better chances at succeeding by tweaking or revamping their bike fit or their equipment.

So perhaps, if I seem to be having trouble finding the day, at least I should focus a little on experiencing and enjoying the night! And now, since there was a fair dose of pathos in this post, here, courtesy of funny or die ( is a picture I find hilarious:

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1 Response to Still can’t find the day……

  1. vardotrichic says:

    Slow and steady wins the race!! Nice work!!

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