Maintenance and let’s begin!

Tore down The Beast this weekend to give him a good cleaning and lube:

The Beast…… naked

Pulled the bottom bracket to lube it up since it was starting to click a little. This happens if you spend a lot of time riding in rain and stuff, and I do. If you’re not nice to your bike (on the road at least), it’s a good yearly maintenance thing to do. It does require specialized tools and a bit of fearlessness, so in most cases it’s not a bad idea to have your local bike shop do the honors. Otherwise your living room floor can look like this:

The guts of my rando/gravel/commuter bike… a.k.a. the belly of The Beast!

Managed another hill repeat day at Moore Park on Friday, 4 loops around plus a neighborhood hill. Managed to get through the full 7 miles (and change) before the lungs started getting icky.

7.53 miles in 1:07:05 for an 8:54 min/mile pace, with 11:00 in Z2, 22:00 in Z3, 21:00 in Z4, and 15:00 in Z5.

Tomorrow, I start back with an actual schedule. Starting back easy, with “Prep” phase work a la Coach Friel. For the most part I’m going to be sticking with the plans from Joe Friel’s The Triathlete’s Training Bible and The Cyclist’s Training Bible but I’m also going to be trying to apply some of the recent research regarding endurance training using high intensity intervals. We’ll see what happens!

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