My first run back (YAY!!!) and homebrewed wheels

First things first……

Did my first run since starting treatment for asthma. Five miles and change, with two long hill intervals and one long-ish tempo intervals. Now, those that know me know I loves me some hills, and it’s been really frustrating lately because I couldn’t do hill intervals for the longest time without coughing so much I’d feel like I was going to toss some shot-bloks. Either that or actually tossing shot-bloks. (Just kidding…. I don’t use shot-bloks.)

Today was the first day I was able to get through the hills hardly coughing at all. This made me happy! Run stats:

  • 1 mile warm-up, then 2 miles hills (2 loops Moore Park), 1 mile Tempo, 1 mile cool-down
  • Distance: 5.3 miles in 48:05 for 9:04 minute/mile average pace (kinda slow but ok)
  • 22 minutes zone 2, 8:30 zone 4, 16:30 zone 5, balance transitioning through zone 3

Next…… this weekend I built this:

Back wheel for my randonneuring wheel set

This wheel is the match for the wheel I built around a generator hub so that I can ride at night. Next year I’d like to try some cycling events that have some significant night-riding components, which means I need light and I’d rather not eat up a ton of batteries. I built this wheel as a 36-spoke wheel (strong!!!) with 3-cross geometry using DT Swiss Competition spokes and a wide Velocity A23 rim around a Shimano Alivio hub we had lying around the shop in the spare parts bin. This gives me a hand-made wheel for minor cost in parts and my own labor (although I did have both wheels inspected and approved by expert mechanics). So now, with this, Ima ready to ride!!!

Randonneuring wheel set, left is the rear, right is the front with Shimano Nexus Dynohub.

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